Large Sodalite Green Tara Statue


Large Sodalite Green Tara Statue


Large Sodalite Green Tara Statue
Approx. dimensions: 8 x 6.5 x 12"
Dimensions of storage case: 10.5 x 7.5 x 14"
Approx. weight: 5.18 kg (1 lbs 7 oz)
This carving will ship UPS with full insurance and signature required for delivery.

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The detail on this Green Tara carving is stunning, from her crown and beads, down to the lotus flower pedestal she sits upon. The colors of the sodalite give this statue even more of a calming effect. The light cream colors mixed with blues is a combination not often seen in sodalite carvings of this size. Truly a piece to be cherished and handed down between generations. This carving also comes with a custom storage case that was built specifically for this piece. It is a sturdy case with a plush interior to keep your statue safe when in transit, or when not being displayed.

Hinduism and Buddhism both have their own representations of Tara.  In Hinduism, Tara is one of the Dasa-Mahavidya, meaning Ten Mahavidyas.  Tara can be thought of as a tantric aspect of Saraswati.  Kali is also part of these 10 tantric goddesses.  In fact, Kali and Tara are so closely related in the Hindu system it would be easy to mistake one for the other.  Kali’s skin is black, while Tara’s is blue.  Both Kali and Tara are represented in the same posture but holding different implements.  It is said in Hindu myth that Kali assumes the form of Tara and becomes more approachable for the devotee because of her maternal instincts.

This Hindu form of Tara is not often what comes to the mind of Westerners when calling upon this goddess for spiritual practice.  The Buddhist forms of Tara tells a very different story in its imagery and origins.  Depending on which system of Buddhism one studies, Tara is considered either a bodhisattva, Buddha, or one of 21 different forms of Tara.  Interestingly, the mantra for Tara is universal no matter if you are honoring the Hindu or Buddhist Tara.

oṃ tāre tuttāre ture svāhā

It is unclear to historians which came first, the Hindu or Buddhist representation of Tara.

It is also interesting to note that Quan Yin ascended to be, along with Tara, the female aspect of the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.

The younger Green Tara is compassion in action.  She can instantly free you from 8 dangers if you call on her and believe with your whole heart she can and will take away your fear.  Here are the 8 dangers she protects from:

Lions- representing pride

Wild Elephants- representing delusion and ignorance

Forest Fires- representing hatred

Snakes- symbolic of jealousy

Robbers- representing wrong or fanatical views

Prisons- a symbol of greed

Floods- representing desire and attachment

And lastly demons who are the doubts caused by delusion

The White Tara is the serene mother of compassion.  She is seated on an open lotus, both feet drawn in toward the body for the devotee to come to her for peace.  I like to envision her holding space for me in the Universe if ever I need to escape suffering.  White Tara is so committed to seeing all the suffering in the world she has 7 eyes to see where the Green Tara only has 2.  Green Tara has one leg extended ready to come to our aid when we call.

A Nepalese Buddhist once explained it to me this way…

The Green Tara is there to actively deliver you from fear.  The next step after being delivered from fear is to move into a state of peace and healing.  This is where the White Tara awaits.



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