Rainbow Fluorite Buddha Statue DD1345

  • Rainbow Fluorite Buddha Statue DD1345

Rainbow Fluorite Buddha Statue DD1345


Rainbow Fluorite Seated Buddha
Approx. Dimensions 3 x 1.25 x 6"
Approx. Weight: 555 grams

Buddha, or Siddhartha Gautama in Sanskrit, has been long revered as a teacher and symbol of enlightenment. Statues of Gautama Buddha are made in countless symbolic poses with an array of mudras that have very specific meaning. In Buddhism it is believed that spiritual practices done in the presence of a statue of the Buddha brings a sense of inner peace to the mind, body, and soul. Having a serene Buddha statue in the home can serve as a reminder to abolish hatred, fear, and jealousy and instead turn toward the peaceful practice of meditation and maintaining a positive aura.

Keeping statues of Buddha in the home, office, or giving them as gifts can serve as an inspiration on the spiritual journey to strive for only compassionate thoughts and behaviors. In the carvings of Buddha's head especially, one will notice the elongated earlobes. The wealthy men of that time weighted their ears with precious metals and stones, but the Buddha consciously renounced his material connections for a life of spiritual enlightenment. His earlobes stayed permanently elongated but were void of riches. Traditionally keeping a statue of the head alone symbolizes the Buddhas wealth of knowledge. These can serve as a reminder to always challenge oneself to continue learning.

Fluorite occurs in a variety of colors, or can be colorless. Among the mineral kingdom it exhibits one of the widest varieties of colors. Impurities in the Fluorite cause its colorations. It is a very common mineral that occurs throughout the world and is the only mineral that large quantities of elemental fluorine can be extracted from. England has produced some of the best specimens of Fluorite, most notably from the Rogerly Mine.

Chakra(s) - Heart Chakra, Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra
Zodiac - Capricorn, Pisces

Metaphysical Properties
Fluorite is commonly called the "Genius Stone" for its ability to expand consciousness, boost the absorption and assimilation of new ideas and information, and sparking waves of creativity.
Rainbow fluorite is used for cleansing and energizing all chakras. It allows you to calm the mind and bring feelings and ideas to the surface in order to work through them.
Fluorite specimens of specific color can be used for more targeted healing and metaphysical purposes.
Green Fluorite inspires new ideas and helps to heal the Heart Chakra.
Blue Fluorite is great for intention, and keeping single-minded focus on one goal or task.
Purple Fluorite is the peaceful Fluorite, and can be used as a dream stone to ward off negative emotions or evil spirits that may cause bad dreams and nightmares.

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