A Detailed History of Lemuria: Conclusion

Shifting one's thought process to a space of acceptance and openness requires lifelong mental training.  Seeing a story through a different set of eyes and being willing to acknowledge that your way isn’t necessarily the right way is an exercise in humility at the very least.  My hope is, through this writing, I can express my thoughts on Lemurian crystals in a constructive way to help Lemurian enthusiasts gain a better understanding of these stones and how they relate to the ancient civilization of Lemuria.

ic:Lemurian Cluster from ITA Crystal

There’s an important underlying piece of information that one must grasp before taking this investigation further.  The connection between Lemuria and Lemurian crystals is of contemporary origin.   In the 20th century translations of the Akashic records, there is no mention of Lemurian’s using crystals to store information.  Lemurians were literally the first race of beings to utilize what we know now as memory.  You may find some of this information contradictory to what metaphysical shops say to promote the sale of their crystals.  Ultimately your own intuition will reveal exactly what you need to know about the connection.  There is a silver lining.   Although Rudolf Steiner doesn’t reference crystals as part of the Lemurian life, he does reference the “Mineral Kingdom” many times in detail in his writings.  The connection Lemurian crystals have to us may be more cosmic than we know.

ic:Natural self-healed laser Lemurian crystal

Katrina Raphaell is responsible for suggesting that quartz crystals from a specific mining region, Minas Gerais, are connected to Lemuria.  She was contacted by an associate, David Geiger (one of the biggest wholesalers of crystals in the world), when he first saw the crystals on a trip to Brazil.  Raphaell has self-published some crystal healing books and she founded the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts in 1986.  I couldn’t find anything regarding her training or credentials as a mystic.  Nevertheless, the Lemurian name stuck and has become a crystal enterprise of sorts.  Raphaell was very specific as to the region these crystals came from and believed that only the natural and unpolished pieces, regardless of damage, were useful in healing work.  I personally prefer crystals with their original shape left intact, but a little aesthetic touch up here and there is fine by me.

ic: Ed Swoboda '87 with a haul of "hand held quartz" popularized during the metaphysical movement.  These crystals were later deemed "Lemurian" when sold in the US (Photo Credit Rock Currier)

The other slightly disturbing fact about Lemurian crystals is that they have been mined using high pressure water jets in Serra Do Cabral.  This creates ponds of silty water that can overflow into streams damaging the surrounding environment.  Some sources say mining operations were regularly suspended by the government to protect the surrounding flora and fauna.  The original Lemurian mines are supposedly in a preserve that is supposed to be protected from such operations.  I have been told mining practices have improved since the 1990’s but I’ve not seen for myself and am going only by the integrity of our suppliers.  Little Lemuria buys Lemurian crystals from only two suppliers.

ic:Much of the mining work is done by hand.  This picture from Rock Currier shows used up pic axes on the left next to new ones on the right.

There have been mixed reports of exactly how the crystals are found in the ground ranging from just lying around in the loose sand able to be picked out by hand, to embedded into cliff walls where digging, blasting, and other techniques are used.  The term “seed” came from one mystic’s telling of the Lemurian’s planting small “seed” crystals into the ground and then they grew to the sizes we know today.  Scientifically speaking, the latter is more than a little far fetched.  If you’re starting to feel seriously skeptical, just hang in there, I have a lot of positives about Lemurians coming right up.

ic:Mined out quartz pockets at the bottom of one of the pits.  The mine was first opened during the second world war to mine piezoelectric grade quartz for radio oscillator chips.  Photo credit: Rock Currier

  Let’s briefly review what we know about Lemurians based on theosophical writings and Akashic record downloads.  They were the first race of human like beings to discover the soul.  They were the first to begin to retain memory.  Female energy was dominate.  Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, they were masters of “life-force” and were in direct contact with the spirit world.  Steiner even noted that Lemurians who had passed on became behind the scenes spiritual mentors for the generations that followed.  This sounds like a perfect storm for this race to impregnate stones with spiritual wisdom.

ic:Natural double terminated Lemurian spotted at the Tucson 2019 show.  This baby had a price tag of $10K

The location of the lost continent of Lemuria, has been a hot debate.  The idea that a race of early humans lived on a continent since lost to violent volcanic activity and earthquakes is not proven by science…yet.  In 2013 a group of geologists found a mineral called Zircon on an island thought to be 2 million years old in the Indian Ocean.  The problem with finding Zircon on a 2-million-year-old island is that Zircon is 3 billion years old!  At this point scientists theorized that a lost continent, that they named Mauritia, did in fact exist and sank into the Indian Ocean some 84 million years ago.  This doesn’t necessarily prove Lemuria, but scientists discovering a lost continent as recently as 2013 sure does lead me to believe there are many mysteries of earth yet to be solved.  There are many lost continent theories out there if you want to poke around further.

ic:Striations are caused by the crystals oscillating growth during its development, but they sure do look like barcodes!

Let’s get back to crystals.  Steiner suggested in a lecture presented on December 4th 1907 in Munich that crystals exist both on a physical plane and an astral plane.  This is best understood by considering meditation with a stone.  When the stone is observed with the human eye, it is simply a stone, when we close our eyes for a moment, we can sense the stone on the astral plane.  In the astral plane it has unique characteristics not visible to the naked eye.  Please note, this is pseudoscience and not everyone will agree with this or even have the ability to think of physical matter as having a spiritual presence.  Thinking about the Ego in this imaginative way helped me grasp this concept.  The Ego is not something we can put our finger on, it doesn’t exist in the physical world, yet the Ego has an undeniable presence in our physical lives.  When we go to sleep, we do not cease to exist on a physical plane but rather our Ego and astral body transcend, and our physical and etheric body exists simultaneously on the physical plane.

Lest we get caught up in thinking our crystals are sentient beings, let’s stretch our minds one final time to gain a better understanding.  Humans have individual egos.  This makes us more spiritually complex than animals who share a common ego throughout individual species.  A male lion in the wild has a common ego to the next wild male lion.  One lion doesn’t wake up one day and suddenly think, “I’d like to be the star of a TV show”.  If a lion were to think like this, they would have an isolated ego like a human being rather than share a common ego with all other lions.  Now follow me down from the animal kingdom, past the plant kingdom, and we arrive at the mineral kingdom.  This is where the astral journey begins.  From mineral to plant, plant to animal, and animal to human is the evolution of our astral journey until we ultimately transcend the rebirth cycle.  Crystals are the birth of the astral body.  They are the first spark of spirit.  Just as we care for, honor, and learn from children, we can also learn from stones.  They are physically ancient and spiritually newborn, a paradox we as humans can barely begin to grasp.

ic:Ed Shoboda in a shed full of hand held quartz later to be named "Lemurian".  This Japan Law twin is from the exact same mine as the Lemurians...does that make it a Japan Law Lemurian?  Photo by Rock Currier

This could turn into the tangent that never ends, so I digress.  To answer the pressing question of how to tell the difference between quartz and Lemurian quartz…you can’t, they are the same.  You can decide what makes quartz Lemurian: striations, mine locality, energy, growth habit, etc.  My official stance is that Lemuria left us with a memory imprinted on our soul of working with life-force.  Lemuria was the civilization that gave birth to the human soul as we know it today.  Every person who connects to the story of Lemuria and the crystals linked to this civilization is a seeker.  We seek connection.  There is a stirring in each of us that longs for a nexus to life-force, we long for the direct link to Spirit just like the Lemurian race had mastered.  Through our collective energies, with all our heart, we are channeling these desires back into the astral plane through the mineral kingdom.  Perhaps one day Lemurian crystals will be the catalyst that shifts us into a new age of divine consciousness.

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