The Lemurian Trigon

The Twisted Science of the Gwindel
Make no mistake, Gwindels are the Lamborghini Countach of the of the quartz world.  This habit is rare, expensive, mysterious, and extraordinary.  This blog is all about explaining exactly what it means to be a Gwindel.  Where they comes from, how they form, and what it is that makes them so alluring to collectors.
Mineral Testing ins and outs
Have you ever wondered what mineral testing entails?  Trendy names of minerals are often not accurate representations of the mineral's true composition.  This blog explores different testing methods and their varying levels of accuracy.
What is a twin?
In this post I will explore twinning laws and commonly twinned crystals. The word "twin" gets thrown around a lot by mineral enthusiasts, but there's more than meets the eye when it comes to defining this growth habit.
What's the deal with Record Keepers?
Record Keepers- Mysterious little trigons that are nearly impossibly to find scientific data on.  Finally, a down to earth explaination of the most sought after mystical symbol...the RECORD KEEPER.
Lightning Strikes and Lemurian Aquatine Calcite: Do they really defy science?
Carefully discerning the truth behind marketing tactics used to capitalize on the buying public's excitement over the mystical elements of crystals.
A glimpse at crystal collecting on the Ganesh Himāl sub-range of the Himalayas.
Discover the spectacular crystals of Ganesh Himāl on this journey to Tipling Village and back.  Hopefully this blog will answer many questions about the mining process and locality behind these unique and sacred crystals.
Is Grape Agate really just Amethyst?
Investigating and answering another question floating around the crystal community: is Grape Agate really just Amethyst in disguise?  Geologist Fred Krone shares some easy to understand science that makes the answer crystal clear!
Malachite Myths Debunked
Malachite.  It's a stone that's common in many collections but comes with inconsistent, frightening, and frankly absurd claims about its toxicity.  Can you get malachite wet?  Is malachite as dangerous as some would make it seem?  Find out the facts here in our second collaborative blog with geologist Fred Krone of Northern Maine Minerals.
The real facts about what minerals can't get wet and how to know the difference.

There are no words to describe my excitement about the content contained within this blog.  Misinformation about the reaction between water and crystals has spread like wildfire through social media.  Poorly researched content is easily accessible and unfortunately, uncovering the facts when it comes to something as complex as aqueous geochemistry is more than your average content creator can be expected to undertake.  That is why I have teamed up with geologist Fred Krone of Northern Maine Minerals to shed some light on the topic of crystals and water.

Fakes and Frauds: Part 2
Investing in a crystal collection doesn't come cheap. The last thing a buyer wants to hear is that they paid for a scam.  Staying educated on how to identify the genuine crystals is key to avoiding fakes and frauds that attempt to infiltrate our beautiful industry.
Common Treatments Used to Enhance, Repair, and Alter Gems, Crystals and Minerals
Part one in a series on fakes, frauds, and treatments used on gemstones, crystals and minerals.  Part one covers an assortment of common treatments and part two will include details about which stones these treatments are used on and how to spot frauds.
Geologic Variations Between ‘Herkimer Diamond’ Quartz Crystals and ‘Pakimer’ Quartz Crystals By: Northern Maine Minerals
In this very special scientific paper, Northern Maine Minerals answers questions about Herkimers, their development, and several key differences separating them from "Pakimer" quartz crystals.
My journey of Healing Through Hindu Mythology
How growing up in charismatic church chaos lead me to a new journey of spirituality through Hindu mythology...
A Detailed History of Lemuria: Conclusion
How did these unique quartz crystals get linked to the lost civilization of Lemuria?  How do you tell the difference between quartz and Lemurian quartz?  Is there really an otherworldly connection we can make through crystals?  These answers and more in the conclusion of our 3 part Lemurian blog series.
A Detailed History of Lemuria Part 2
“We are in a forest, near to a mighty tree, and the sun has just risen in the East.  The, tree, which is of the palm variety, throws great shadows across the ground, which has been cleared of other growths, and a priestess is seated on a dais of rare plants and other products of nature.  Her face turns towards the East and she is in a state of ecstasy...
A Detailed History of Lemuria Part 1
I would like to officially welcome you to part one, in a series of blogs explaining who the Lemurians were, how and why a group of crystals have adopted the name of their race, and some detailed descriptions of Lemurian crystals available in the gem world today...
So you want to go to the Denver Gem Show...
The very best time to write a blog about traveling, especially to a gem show, is the second you step off the plane back home.  There are so many details that begin to get scrambled I don’t think it’s possible...
Why is Himalayan Quartz so special anyway?
Exquisite hydrothermal quartz, the mountain's best kept secret.  Found at altitudes so high only expertly conditioned or indigenous people can access them.  Couple this with the skill necessary to identify where these crystals may be hiding in this vast inhospitable expanse, these crystals are the crown jewel of quartz.
A brief history of Ocean Jasper
Travel through the history of Ocean Jasper.  Found in 1922, lost until 1997.  This mysterious stone has enchanted collectors nearly 100 years.
Starbrary Crystals: The Cosmic Facts
Join me on an intergalactic mission to understand Starbrary Crystals.  The mysterious triangles, dashes, and lines hold more secrets than you know!
First Timers' Tucson Experiences with Little Lemuria
Jessy and Doug of Little Lemuria navigate their way through the 2019 Tucson Gem and Mineral Showcase for their first time!