A Detailed History of Lemuria Part 2

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Travel backwards with me for a moment, to your early childhood, a time when your imagination was at its peak performance, a time when the constraints grown-ups put on daily life didn’t apply to you, a time when nothing was impossible.  I remember believing that if I looked at an object long enough, no matter its size, I had the ability to move that object.  When I was unsuccessful, I confidently reassured my inner voice that it was only because I needed more practice.  It was around this time of life that I was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that I could communicate with the animals around me through my directed thoughts.  All I needed to do was have a conversation in my mind and certainly the animal in front of me or even one I was picturing in another location was hearing me clear as day.  This period in a child’s life is fleeting, but to the child, a lifetime exists in these magical moments.  At no point did I think during my childhood, I bet my powers are going to fade when I grow up.  I was fully committed to the magical being I was born to be.  This is, at its core, who the Lemurian race was and how they functioned in their daily life.  The difference is present day humans have lost their connection to life force and imagination no longer produces physical results.

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It may come as a shock, that Lemurian’s were not full of love and light in the same way we use those words today.  In fact, in the earliest Theosophical writings of Lemuria, it is said they put their children through rigorous “hardening” exercises that would be considered inhumane by modern human standards.  Trials by fire, piercing of children’s skin, exposure to horrific storms, and other dangerous and painful tests of endurance were administered.  If an individual was to fail at these tests, they were cast out to perish.  Steiner described these as “Schools for developing the Power of the Will and the Clairvoyant Powers of the Imagination.” Now before panic ensues, remember this was a time period us modern humans would be hard pressed to understand.  Lemurian’s were living in the Jurassic period (some argue it was Cretaceous), they were the first humanoid race that reproduced sexually but their bodies were not hardened as ours are, they were still in a more malleable stage.  Emotions as we know them were also not a part of life.

A Lemurian “education” consisted of developing the force of imagination which overlapped closely with will-power.  Here’s an example.  Have you ever performed an impossible feat by envisioning the result?  This happens in modern times when a person’s life (or their child’s life) depends on their imagination.  Think of the stories that end with “I shouldn’t be alive”.  There are traces of a mysterious willpower that exists still today.  If we can picture ourselves surviving and refuse to succumb to life’s painful tests of endurance of the will, we can survive the unthinkable.  This is the type of imagination the Lemurians were mastering.  The power of will.  I can’t help but wonder if this ancient wisdom has anything to do with how the pyramids were built in ancient Egypt.  It has been said Lemurians could draw energy from the life force in the earth and plants around them and use this, combined with their imagination, to make their arms like steel and move any object no matter its weight. 

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Spirituality at the time of Lemuria also needs some explaining and redefining.  These beings were, as Steiner called it, willing ‘servants’ of the forces of nature.  They believed that their divine wisdom and art was an intentional and direct gift from the spiritual realm to their earthly realm.  There were temples in this time and here is where Lemurians could experience full access to all the secrets of Nature.  I capitalize the "N" in nature, because she was regarded as much as a goddess of that time as anything.  There was a bonding that took place in these temples that could be considered a primitive intercourse between the Lemurians and their gods.  There is an interesting parallel to be drawn here with Hinduism.  Intercourse of the human soul with the souls of gods, and even stories of physical intercourse between gods is described in several scriptures.

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There is a female element that emerges from the Lemurian race that is of the utmost importance and can be likened to today's “woman’s intuition.”  Women developed the seed of memory long before man.  Where man acted only instinctually, women had a sense of positive vs. negative.  This sense gave rise to the first morality known on earth.  Men responded to the forces of nature and women interpreted them by using their memory and intuition.  This new addition of memory put women in a place of leadership.  Where men had harnessed and mastered the “Nature Force” women could use what they had learned yesterday and apply it to today, tomorrow, and so on further evolving their civilization.

Up until this point of the Lemurian era there has been no speech or audible communication.  Where there is no memory, there is little to share.  Existence was very simple wrapped up only in Nature Force.  Now that women had connected with the soul and began developing memory, there became a need to share this wisdom that did not come only from Nature with the others.  The “sooth-sayers” as Steiner describes them, began uttering soul sounds.  Today we would consider these sounds less than a song, perhaps only varied pleasant tones to convey “feeling” which was a trait still undeveloped in many of the beings of the Lemurian Era.


This is a scene interpreted from the Akashic records of one of these moments in the Lemurian Era:

“We are in a forest, near to a mighty tree, and the sun has just risen in the East.  The, tree, which is of the palm variety, throws great shadows across the ground, which has been cleared of other growths, and a priestess is seated on a dais of rare plants and other products of nature.  Her face turns towards the East and she is in a state of ecstasy.  Slowly, and in rhythmic succession the sounds, few, but wondrous, fall from her lips : sounds which she repeats again and again.  Men and women are seated around her in a circle : their faces wear a dreamy expression—they are drawing inward life from the sounds that are coming to them.”  -Atlantis and Lemuria by Rudolf Steiner.

Today this may be loosely equated to a Shaman’s ceremony of drums and chanting where the souls of the listeners are opened, and visions are revealed.

This concludes my overview of the Lemurians as I have learned of it through Blavatsky, Scott-Elliot, and Steiner and their interpretations of the Akashic Records.

Up next...Part 3: How does this all tie in with crystals?

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