Mineral Testing

The business of stones is an odd one indeed.  There is so much misinformation, in the metaphysical market especially, that it can be difficult to know what is true and what is false when it comes to identification.  It’s a full-time job some days just to ensure that the minerals we provide to our customers are accurately represented.  On this page you will find test results of some of the minerals we have sent to be tested by Mineralogist Al Falster in the world-class mineralogical laboratory of the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum.  Equipped with X-ray machine, scanning electron microscope, microprobe, ICP-MS equipment, and a full optical lab there’s no job too big or too small for Al Falster.  We are so grateful for his help in cracking the case on several misidentified minerals.  We hope over time we can slow the spread of misinformation throughout the metaphysical market by presenting the scientific evidence of the true nature of these magnificent minerals.


Minerals Tested To Date:

Pink Lithium Quartz

Blue Tara Quartz

Hollandite in Amethyst

Blue Rose Quartz

Black Phantom Lemurians

Colombian Blue Smoke Lemurians

Grey Lithium Phantom Quartz