Colombian Blue Smoke Lemurian Mineral Testing

Colombian Blue Smoke Lemurians

There’s so much to love about these crystals.  They have a high luster, beautiful mysterious blue mist like interior, and water clear layer of quartz encapsulating the whole package.  For years and years we have been told this blue smoke is created by micro inclusions of a lithium mineral called Cookeite.  Some websites claim that Cookeite lamellae are actually embedded in the quartz making it a true-blue lithium quartz (pun intended).  Well prepare to be amazed yet again by this shape shifting stone.

A Beckman Spectrospan 5 DCP was used in the lithium determination.  No lithium was detected utilizing multiple samples of the stone from surface to center.  Additionally, and rather obviously given the lithium results, no Cookeite was detected either!  Thank goodness for our scientist because he said that the fibrous structures didn’t even come close to fitting the morphology of Cookeite to begin with.  Speaking of fibrous structures, what are they?  Nothing.  Okay, not nothing, but there isn’t anything there anymore, not a trace!  After testing multiple samples, every fibrous tube was empty without a trace of the mineral that had at some point rapidly and completely dissolved away.  My mind was blown.  The blue smoke?  Entirely a result of the Tyndall Effect, not an inclusion of any mineral.  The only thing other than quartz discovered in and on this material was trace amounts of titanium and iron which causes the gold staining.  We invite anyone who may have sent this material to a lab with different results to please share with us so we can collaboratively decode this crystal!

Trace Mineral Composition of Colombian Blue Smoke Lemurians
Colombian Blue Smoke Lemurian from Santander
Close-up of fibrous structure within Colombian Blue Smoke Lemurian