We guarantee the authenticity of all the minerals and fossils we sell, and we stand behind that guarantee. We work with trusted and reputable sources for the material we offer on our website and in our Live Sales.  We are confident in our ability to identify crystals and minerals accurately before offering them for sale to the public.  If we have any doubts or questions about the species or combination of mineral species within a specimen, we send it for testing at the laboratory of a trusted mineralogical museum.  This lab is equipped with X-ray machine, scanning electron microscope, microprobe, ICP-MS equipment, and a full optical lab.  There’s no job too big or too small and we post the results of our findings on our mineral testing page.

When a specific locality is known for a specimen, fossil, or meteorite, we will include a printed ID card. However, Little Lemuria does not offer printed Certificates of Authenticity.  After all, a piece of paper is only as authentic as the person who printed it.  We take every possible step to prevent any misidentification, but if something was to get by us, we stand behind every sale we make and guarantee that the stone you purchased is the mineral species it was advertised as or your money back.

Metaphysical terms and trade names by default cannot be “guaranteed”.  Our shop is called Little Lemuria, but we take a scientific approach to minerals with a small helping of mystic lore on the side.  If you would like to learn more about the history of Lemurian crystals and answers to other common questions about crystals, visit our blog.  If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please send us an email directly and we will do our best to research and respond to all requests with unbiased honesty.