Blue Tara Quartz Mineral Testing

“Blue Tara Quartz” is a metaphysical trade name for little quartz points with blue fibrous and prismatic type inclusions from Ipupiara, Brazil.  Everywhere I turned online to tell me more about this stone read the same: “Riebekite and Olenite included quartz” with a list of metaphysical properties to follow based off those inclusions.  Nowhere could I find any mineralogical information about this stone so once again, off to the lab!  Here’s a few of the myths I was hoping to get a confirmed fact or fiction result on:

                “The blue coloring comes from a mineral inclusions of Riebeckite and Olenite.”

From a seller on February 2019:

                “…new find of quartz that has olenite and riebekite tourmaline which makes the crystal blue”

Here’s what the laboratory found:

  • Magnesium and Lithium are present in the inclusions. Olenite must be free from these two elements, therefore the inclusions are not Olenite.
  • Riebekite was not present in the samples we sent to laboratory; the fibrous inclusions were in fact also in the tourmaline family along with the structured prismatic inclusions.
  • The presence of magnesium, lithium, and the low aluminum content concluded that the inclusions are between the schorl-elbaite series and the schorl-dravite series both in the tourmaline group.