The Lemurian Trigon

A Detailed History of Lemuria Part 2
“We are in a forest, near to a mighty tree, and the sun has just risen in the East.  The, tree, which is of the palm variety, throws great shadows across the ground, which has been cleared of other growths, and a priestess is seated on a dais of rare plants and other products of nature.  Her face turns towards the East and she is in a state of ecstasy...
Starbrary Crystals: The Cosmic Facts
Join me on an intergalactic mission to understand Starbrary Crystals.  The mysterious triangles, dashes, and lines hold more secrets than you know!
Trigonal Beginnings
An unlikely introduction to a lifelong passion for crystals and minerals.  Enjoy a glimpse behind the scenes as Jessy shares a brisk walk through life's timeline leading up to the creation of Little Lemuria.