Trigonal Beginnings

It’s finally happening.  I have been rolling around the idea of a blog for months and I am finally making a commitment.  Those of you (quite possibly all of you) who follow me on Instagram know I have much to share about mineralogy and occasionally let slip a glimpse of my inner spiritual journey.  I would be lying if I didn’t say I am astounded and humbled by the volume of people who have opened up to share that my words have positively impacted their lives.  I’ve never been one to shy away from a calling when the Universe taps me on the shoulder, so here I am.

My love of rocks began way back in kindergarten when I would scour the landscape gravel around our suburban home looking for especially shiny and magical rocks.  I would take those chosen pebbles inside and stash them in my one skinny designated drawer in my dad’s roll top desk.  Everything on his desk was always neat and tidy.  It consisted mostly of paperwork and bills, but one drawer had a crudely written label slid into the brass holder that said “Jessy’s Rocks” in crayon.

Not much developed through the rest of my childhood with rocks, a mild fascination at best, I was much more involved with being a farm girl, riding horses every waking hour possible, building forts with the neighbor girl, and immersing myself in the ongoing elaborate fantasy stories constantly streaming through my head.   Even just picking up and organizing my closet as a kid was usually, in the wild imagination inside my mind, searching for some kind of treasure in a hostile territory full of cowboys and Indians.

ic: Jessy with a huge trilobite display at the 2018 Denver Gem and Mineral Show

Fast forward to 2006 and I’m caught in the hurricane that is discovering who the heck I really am and what in god’s mind-boggling universe I believe in.  I was fairly certain I didn’t believe in anything I was raised on…and I was becoming totally engrossed in traveling the country to see bands and camp out at festivals.  These were my people.  I was certain.  It was at one of these carefree, caution to the wind festivals I was introduced to crystals on a totally different level.  Now for the first time I experienced an energy and vibration rolling off these beautiful aesthetic pieces.  Goodbye landscape gravel, hello water clear quartz points and radiating orange wulfenite, my first mineral love.  I fell head over heels and spent all my free time investigating metaphysical properties.  I was often just returning from or heading out to Barnes and Nobel (yes, that was still a thing) and reading all I could about crystals and minerals.  I quickly developed a hawk’s eye for little New Age Shops, and my serious collecting began.

Another year or so later I walked into a little pub in Bloomington, Indiana and proceeded to pick my jaw up off the floor.  I looked around and saw huge amethyst cathedrals, quartz points as big as my head, and other specimens scattered about that were aglow with magic.  Needless to say, I started work in this pub as a waitress the next day and worked there for 3 years.  It was during this time I was introduced to reiki, tarot, energy healing, and intuitive crystal healing.  That place changed my life.  One very significant happening that transpired in those years was meeting a geologist who was so taken by my excitement about rocks he invited me to chaperone the local high school geology club on spelunking trips.  He imparted more wisdom to me about rocks than any other friend or mentor to date.   My now husband Doug and I were also together during this time and spent countless days in the ravines of Brown County collecting geodes and fossils by the 5-gallon bucket full.  It was all fun and games until it was time to climb up out of the ravines and get them back to the car.  Many a bonding session happened over cleaning those geodes for hours with soapy water and a tooth brush.

How did I come up with the name Little Lemuria?  That’s an easy one.  I was sitting in the chair I am now, and it was the very first name that came to me.  I had been investigating a quartz point that was given to me at a music festival over a decade ago and I was suspicious it was perhaps a Lemurian Seed Crystal which, according to mystic lore, is an Ancient civilization existing before the continents fully split.  This civilization was very advanced in their ability to communicate with nature and star systems.  Some say they encoded crystals with their ancient wisdom and seeded them in the earth to be found during a time of crisis for humanity.  I was so drawn into this story as I read it my immediate thought was how cool would it be to create a “Little Lemuria”, like a Little Italy, or China Town.  It’s a far cry from the real deal but it’s the next best thing without a time machine.  My mindset in creating this business has been to model it after the beings of Lemuria.  I want my shop to be a Little Lemuria, a spiritual community of beings who seed crystals all over the world that are full of love and mystery.

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