Starbrary Crystals: The Cosmic Facts

The time has finally come for me to share what I know about Starbrary crystals.  If you are reading this selection from the blog, I feel it is safe to assume we agree on these three things:

  1. There is life beyond our own star system.
  2. Star Beings have sent humans mysterious messages since ancient times.
  3. Crystals can store both energy and information.

If those three assumptions do not align with your personal truth, then this blog entry will likely not resonate with you.  At the end of this entry I will also explain these glyphs from a crystallographer’s perspective.  Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s discuss Starbrary Crystals.

ic:NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captured the expanding remains of a massive supernova, the Veil Nebula © NASA/ESA/Hubble Heritage Team

Navigating information about Starbrary quartz can be challenging.  According to NASA there are over 200 billion stars and over 500 known star systems in our little neighborhood of the Milky Way Galaxy alone.  Odds are, we aren’t alone.  The fascination and study of space is not unlike the study of crystals.  Both are subjects that have captivated scientists, philosophers, spiritualists, mathematicians, and mankind alike since ancient times.  While we have gained a wealth of knowledge since the days we believed the earth was flat, we have hardly scratched the surface when it comes to understanding the Universe.

One of the most talked about Star Systems are race of Star Beings come from the Pleiades shown here in this image, property of

One of the most talked about races of Star Beings come from a star system called the Pleiades, shown here in this image, from

The star systems that are currently identified as having crystal ties to earth are Cassiopeia, the Pleiades, Ursa Minor, Leo, Orion, Andromeda, and Sirius.  Just like recognizing you are a Starseed, reading the Akashic Records, Mediumship, Past life regressions, etc…this is an intuitive base of knowledge.  There is no playbook for understanding what signs are associated with what star system.  Meditation with a Starbrary, identifying what star system your soul came to earth from, and keeping notes of what makings you are most attracted too adds to the mystical database and helps reveal more possible answers about these mysterious crystals.

ic:This crystal is from a new Starbrary find in Goveia, Brazil and clearly has a meteor shower look to the markings.

The purpose of Starbrary crystals on earth is unknown, but there have been theories that delight the imagination.  My favorite of these is the Starbrary grid.  This school of thought believes that the Starbraries and Lemurians are spread around the planet for a purpose.  When they have been dispersed to all corners of the globe, they will create a grid and “awaken” blanketing the planet in radiant light.  My own intuition tells a slightly different story.  I believe these special crystals, along with Lemurians, are beacons.  When we connect with a Lemurian or Starbrary’s energy it identifies us as a lightworker.  We are creating a grid of light, and it is our mission to share and spread the light by networking with other awakened souls within this grid, or as we call it, our “crystal community.”  The Starbrary is a reminder we are all connected, we are a part of an infinite web of consciousness that transcends our planet, and our mission is to be the light.

ic:These three Starbrary crystals all come from different localities in Brazil and contain their own unique markings.  No two are alike, Starbrary crystals have their own individual fingerprints.

I know this is going to come as a disappointment to some readers, but I am following my own intuition.  There are websites containing details about which glyphs denote which star system.  Each of these websites have clearly used the copy and paste feature because their descriptions are identical…literally.  This says to me one person came up with this or it was information they received intuitively, and then many have jumped on the bandwagon of those suggestions.  Please do not limit your own gifts and connections to the Universe by simply subscribing to someone else’s truth.  Keep the door to your Starbrary open and allow yourself to develop your own personal convictions.  Investigate deeper into who you are and why you were drawn to the crystal.  If another star system received artifacts from our planet, let's say some paintings, wouldn’t it be strange if one of the Star Being’s decided that all abstract paintings were from people in Germany, all geometrical paintings are from South America, all realistic paintings are from Russia, and all visionary paintings are from India?  That would be taking one being’s experience with something completely foreign and considering it the one and only truth!

ic:This very large 4 pound "Master Starbrary" contains a combination of markings including dots, lines, and triangles like a galactic morse code.

I must end this post with a serving of science.  The triangles and lines of a Starbrary are in fact caused by the Brazil Twin Law.  This type of twinning is not visible to the naked eye unless these markings are present to give you the hint.  Japan Law Twins are the only common quartz twinning law that exhibits two individual crystals.  The other twins are intergrown inside a single crystal and only the use of polarized light will show that they are penetration and contact twins combined.  Next time you hold your Starbrary, remember it has the energy of two crystals, not one.  It is a symbol of connectedness and unity so tight that it is invisible to the naked eye.  If the markings are a way for the crystal to reveal a truth that can’t be seen, perhaps it is also a metaphor for the unseen Star Beings and Star Systems.  You don’t have to see to believe.


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