The Lemurian Trigon

Crystal Smoking Pipes

Should you be getting stoned out of stone?

Potion or Poison?
Exploring the rapidly growing trend of gem elixirs and crystal infused water.  Is it safe?  Can you trust the bottles on the market?  What stones are a good choice for direct infusions?  Find all the answers here and decide what method is right for you.
The No Frills Facts on Colorful Quartz Favorites
While varieties of quartz such as amethyst and Rose Quartz ought to be straight forward, this post explains the truth behind some deceptive trade names.  Don't miss the follow up post on Citrine and Smoky Quartz coming soon.
What the Shungite?
Tracking down proof to support the claims of Shungite's endless mystifying properties.  How will the statements of sellers size up against the evidence found in scientific journals?
The Symbolism of Crystal Grids
Decoding the mysteries of crystal grids.  A concise explanation of the basic tools of crystal gridding and how to use them to develop a simple grid ritual.
Code Blue!
Enthusiastically answering the question of "What is that blue stone in my collection?" and clearing the air on the Blue Calcite and Celestite quandary in simple, concise terms. Sometimes all it takes is resuscitating the science behind the beauty to make the picture crystal clear. *updated with Blue Onyx
An Interview with Geologist Fred Krone of Northern Maine Minerals
Fred has been an inspiration to me and a shop mentor since our opening Summer 2017.  I deeply admire his ethics and I am honored to have the opportunity to share his wisdom and great storytelling with you all.
How Crystal Vibes Have Shaped Our Lives
Exploring the science behind crystal vibrations from early military inventions to modern day cochlear implants.
Fakes, Repairs, and Coatings... Oh my!
Part one in a series uncovering the facts behind the crystal treatments used by manufacturers to enhance appearance and increase resale value.
Understanding Crystal Properties with a Serving of Science
 Debunking mysticism and embracing the magic behind the how's and why's of crystal healing properties.
Trigonal Beginnings
An unlikely introduction to a lifelong passion for crystals and minerals.  Enjoy a glimpse behind the scenes as Jessy shares a brisk walk through life's timeline leading up to the creation of Little Lemuria.