Understanding Crystal Properties with a Serving of Science

Now that the introduction is out of the way, I can dive into some gemmy topics.  One inquiry I’ve been eager to address is my personal stance on the metaphysical properties of crystals.  It has become an ongoing little joke amongst the regulars in our weekly live sales on Instagram that “Jessy knows her mineralogy, but you’re in the wrong place for metaphysical properties.”  I think of properties like I think of politics.  Properties are an arbitrary debate between people about their opinions on how the Universe should work for you.  Most documentation on this topic are written to gain the author or business recognition in the metaphysical community.  Websites will also use long winded descriptions of properties to increase their search engine optimization.  It keeps you on their page longer if you have more to read.  If the author writes long enough there is surely going to be something in that description that hits home and makes you click the “add to cart” button.  Don’t get me wrong, I see an abundance of value in the healing qualities of crystals.  I hope my perspective that follows encourages crystal enthusiasts to see their healing value in a whole new light.

ic:Crystal spheres can help reduce feelings of anxiety and increase joy by triggering a sense of playfulness

Mineral spheres, or crystal balls are on my list of “no brainer” inventory items.  Everyone seems to love them.  They are usually too awkward to carry around, they are all shaped the same, they tend to be pricier than other shapes, so why?  Why are so many people attracted to collecting spheres?  According to Ingrid Fetell Lee, who has spent over 10 years researching the science behind joy, sphere shapes represent play and safety.  Hula hoops, bouncy balls, bubbles, frisbees, marbles, are you smiling yet?  Ingrid says the “amygdala, associated in part with fear and anxiety, lights up when people look at angular objects but stays quiet when they look at curved ones…rounded shapes set our minds at ease and invite our playful inner child out into the open”.  Finding a crystal that helps with anxiety could be as simple as choosing a sphere that resonates with you!

ic:Lithium included quartz is a pocket sized go-to for coping with pain

Chronic pain is about as widespread an ailment as chronic anxiety.  I can relate to the desire to run far away from pharmaceutical pain management recommendations.  From my observations they suggest taking this or that pill and becoming sedate, addicted, cope with endless side effects, or worse.  Of course, they package all that information up in a lovely cinematic commercial meant to make the viewer feel hope.  The veil has been lifted on the real purpose behind big pharma…. MONEY.  A no nonsense approach to crystals for pain management is something to consider as well.  There is simply no rock on the planet scientifically proven to reliably reduce your chronic pain by simply keeping it close by.  Care to disagree?  Psychology experts claim that one’s own state of mind can change the chemistry in the body and reduce pain/facilitate healing.  This is called the placebo effect in world of medicine.  I personally believe it goes much deeper than western medicine arbitrarily explaining away a complex eastern topic.  Before this topic takes up the entire rest of my blog post, I digress.  If crystals can be used to store information and amplify energy, then it comes as no surprise they have the potential to be used to rid the body of some level of pain through the power of intention.  I will expand on this topic in a future post, but the point is YES, keeping a crystal you love nearby CAN reduce symptoms associated with chronic pain.

Grounding.  This is a reoccurring theme it seems everyone in interested in.  Grounding techniques are taught by medical professionals to help their patients cope with a variety of physical and emotional ailments from Vertigo to PTSD.  There are countless ways to use crystals in the practice of grounding, but it has little to do with which crystal is used and everything to do with how the crystal is used.  First step is to achieve the physical sensation of being connected to the earth.  Sitting on the ground or firmly planting the feet flat on the ground with a slightly bent knee can achieve this sensation.  Next step is occupying the mind.  Drawing the concentration downward and away from the cause of the imbalance.  For this example, I am going to use a crystal grid.  Geometrical shapes represent balance and harmony.  The mind finds a sense of peace in symmetry and it can subdue feelings of chaos or being out of control.  Darker earth tones can give the sense of connectedness to the earth and make the user feel heavy.  To recap, geometrical grid, darker earth tone minerals, and arranging a design with the intention of becoming grounded is one simple way to use crystals for grounding that doesn’t require any knowledge on preset metaphysical properties.

ic:There is no great mystery behind crystal gridding.  Make gridding a practice in your life to become more grounded and balanced

There is a broad scope of metaphysical properties associated with crystals from attracting love and money, to offering protection against negative spirits and energies.  It is a vast world of ever changing, trending, and morphing responsibilities placed upon these sacred gifts from the earth.  In my first blog post I mentioned that when my love of crystals really took hold I dove in head long to every metaphysical crystal book I could find.  The healing abilities of crystals is nothing to shrug at.  My hope is that this lends another perspective to how to harness their potential and build a custom list of properties unique to the individual student of healing.  My dear friend and Tarot aficionado Scott Kellogg addresses a common tarot inquiry that really resonated with me.  “Does tarot predict the future”? “No, the future is fluid and can be shaped. We have the power to influence our future through the choices we make. That’s part of what makes tarot so powerful.  The parallel of this comment relative to crystals sums up my perspective beautifully.  Do crystals have magical powers?  No, the magic is inside every one of us waiting to be harnessed.  We have the power to set an intention and create positive change in our lives.  Crystals are a perfect reminder of how all nature works in peace and harmony.  When we work on ourselves in cooperation with crystals we open the door to an endless flow of healing and abundance.



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