Payment Plans

Payment Plan Policies and FAQ

We offer our customers the ability to use a payment plan to purchase large items or orders, including Live Sale invoices. Any order over $100 is eligible for a payment plan through When you are at the checkout, you will see a blue button for in your cart for eligible orders. Click the button and it will take you to's payment portal where you will setup your account, select your terms, and start your plan!

Payment plans are run through a third-party app called There is a processing fee of 3% of the order total to use a payment plan. You are allowed some flexibility on the terms of your payment plan, and you can adjust these yourself before starting the plan. Payments are processed automatically based on the payment frequency you select (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) When starting a payment plan you are signing a contract to pay the agreed upon amount by the completion date you choose.

You are allowed flexibility on the terms of the payment plan. You can adjust the length, payment frequency, and the down payment amount.

Orders $100-500 = Payment plan up to 4 weeks with payments weekly or bi-weekly. Down payment of at least 25% required.

Orders $501-1000 = Payment plan up to 8 weeks with automatic payments made weekly, bi-weekly, or every 4 weeks. Down payment of at least 15% required.

Orders $1001+ = Payment plan up to 12 weeks with automatic payments made weekly, bi-weekly, or every 4 weeks. Down payment of at least 10% required.

Please contact us if you would like extended payment plans on larger purchases. We are willing to work with you to find the right plan terms to fit your budget requirements.

We do not ship payment plan orders until the entire plan has been completed. We receive a notification email once the balance has been paid off so we know when to ship the order. Please allow 2 business days after plan completion for us to ship your order. If it has been longer than 2 days and you think your order should have shipped, please email us so we can sort it out.

Absolutely. You can manually submit payments by logging into your account on Please read this article from for more information. Please note that even after making a manual payment any scheduled automatic payments will still be made on their scheduled date if a balance remains on the plan.

We understand things come up in life that require our money more than crystals. We can cancel a payment plan and refund any amount paid, minus a 20% restocking fee (on the total order amount). Please send us an email with your order number so we can resolve the issue.

We cannot add or subtract items from a payment plan after it has been started. You are welcome to start a new payment plan on any additional items, or purchase the items separately. Items that need to be returned can be refunded after the payment plan has been completed.

If a payment cannot be processed on the scheduled date, will automatically try to process the payment 2 more times over the following 4 days. After 3 failed payment attempts the plan will by closed by default, and no further payments can be made until it is reopened.

If your payment plan has defaulted, or you think you will be unable to make a scheduled payment, please contact us. We typically send an email about defaulted payment plans once we receive notification of the default. We can work with you to get the plan back on track and completed so you can receive your items. Please note that any payment plans that default and need to be restarted more than once will be subject to a $5 Defaulted Plan Fee added to the balance of the plan.

Please contact us if there are any issues with timely payment or you anticipate not being able to complete the plan by the agreed-upon date. We will be happy to work with you to find a resolution that works for everyone.

Orders over $100 are eligible for payment plans. We have variety of crystals and carvings on our site that you can add to your order to reach the $100 threshold. All Live Sale items ship for a Flat Rate (domestic), so take advantage of the Flat Rate shipping by adding some items to your order and pay over time!