Sustainability and Eco Initiatives

At Little Lemuria, we feel blessed to be able to enjoy some of the greatest treasures of the Earth and to share them with customers around the world. There is no refuting the fact that human beings are impacting our global and local environments every day with the activities of industry and commerce. Little Lemuria is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact from our operations while giving back to organizations that help protect, restore, and educate about wildlife habitats worldwide.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We constantly strive to reduce waste, reuse materials, and recycle anything that cannot be reused. We do this in our shipping operations several ways by:

  • Using appropriately sized boxes/envelopes, requiring less material to get your order safely to your doorstep
  • Print half-sheet packing slips on at least 30% recycled content paper
  • Direct thermal printed shipping labels, requiring no ink or thermal ribbons
  • Reusing over 75% of packing material received. Very little packing material from our imports goes to waste, and what can't be reused is typically recycled.
  • Using 100% recycled kraft paper mailers that can be recycled at curbside pickup or single stream recycling receptacles
  • Using 32% recycled content padded bubble mailers that can be reused and then recycled at plastic film (grocery bag) recycling drop-offs nationwide (find a plastic film drop off location near you!)
  • Using 100% recycled/recyclable/biodegradable "bogus" paper for void-fill
  • Using 100% recycled/recyclable/biodegradable kraft paper padding

sustainable packaging

We use recycled packaging and packing materials from EcoEnclose. Their recycled bubble mailers are made from 32.6% post-industrial recycled content, and features a second adhesive strip to allow the recipient to reuse the envelope before it is recycled. These padded mailers can be recycled at any plastic film drop-off, typically plastic bag drop-offs at grocery stores nationwide. In addition, we use EcoEnclose's 100% recycled kraft mailers that can be recycled at any curbside pickup or single-stream recycling receptacle.

We are always on the lookout for ways to reduce our impact on our planet, and we always appreciate feedback from our customers. If you have any comments, suggestions, or recommendations to help in our sustainability efforts we would love to hear from you!

We have also partnered with 3Degrees to purchase carbon credits that offset the carbon emissions associated with our import/export, domestic shipping, and shipping materials. 3Degrees' carbon credits offset carbon emissions by funding projects that avoid, or capture and sequester carbon emissions. Some examples include reforestation projects, or capturing landfill gases to generate power. When you receive a package from us, you can feel better about its journey to your doorstep knowing that all carbon emissions resulting from its travel have been offset by verified offset projects. You can learn more about 3Degrees here.