8" Blue Smoke Lemurian TD426
8" Blue Smoke Lemurian TD426
8" Blue Smoke Lemurian TD426
8" Blue Smoke Lemurian TD426
8" Blue Smoke Lemurian TD426
8" Blue Smoke Lemurian TD426
8" Blue Smoke Lemurian TD426

8" Blue Smoke Lemurian TD426

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8" Blue Smoke Lemurian
Approx. Dimensions: 8x1x1 inches
Approx. Weight: 234 grams
Locality: Santander, Colombia

These Blue Smoke Lemurians are from a single pocket of material mined in Santander, Colombia. It has been theorized around the internet that the blue "smoke" is the inclusion of the lithium mineral Cookeite, which was thought to form fibrous structures within the quartz. We sent a sample of these crystals to a lab for testing, and the results came back that there were no inclusions of Cookeite. In fact, there were no inclusions present in the "fibrous" structures at all! The structures were empty tubes, and after several attempts to test anything left over in those tubes, there were no traces of any mineral detected. This leads us to believe that the mineral(s) that formed the tubes dissolved completely and very quickly in the formation of the quartz, or there could possibly be a completely different explanation!

The blue color can be observed when the quartz is illuminated with a strong light or direct sunlight, and makes for a fantastic play of light. This color is due to the Tyndall effect, where light is scattered by particles within the material. Under the Tyndall effect, longer wavelengths are transmitted more while shorter wavelengths are diffusely reflected by scattering. The Tyndall effect is also the reason why blue chalcedony appears yellow or brown when strong light shines through it.

Colombian optical quartz crystals are also referred to as Colombian Lemurians. It has been theorized that this particular variety of quartz gets its unique luster and optical clarity from the addition of Aluminum in its chemical composition. In metaphysical terms these crystals are called “Colombian Lemurians” due to their well-defined striations, the geographical location of Colombia in relation to the lost civilization of Lemuria, and their high-energy vibration. To find out more about Colombian Lemurians and how they might relate to the lost civilization of Lemuria head to our blog The Lemurian Trigon.

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